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Ryan Air E Cigarettes

One of our team recently flew with RyanAir to Barcelona and was offered smokeless cigarettes another name for e cigarettes and one could buy ecigarettes in the air. Definitely a step in the right direction for those sceptics and more evidence that the ecig is safe and is a responsible way to avoid smoking in flight which is highly illegal and dangerous. Air is circulated around the cabin so as opposed to days gone by when we breathed exhaled smoke we now use e cigarette with a water vapour as its by product. The levels of oxygen are reduced in the pressurised cabins of aircraft and with the added pressure the body does not function 100% as it does at ground level. Really pleased to see Ryan Air taking to the product and selling them at very completive prices and will now be doing some home work into other airlines and the e cig availability.

So good news to be allowed to smoke onboard and no more grumpy smokers onboard 🙂

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